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Live Twitter Walls

What on earth is a Twitter Wall?

A Twitter Wall lets you involve people at an event through social media. As attendees are at the event, they will inevitably be talking across social media about how wonderful the event is, what they are enjoying most or if they are having any problems that need solving. The Twitter Wall software allows the event organiser to search across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for hashtags and/or keywords relating to the event. With these search results (in the form of tweets, comments, pictures and video) the event organiser can then moderate, curate and organise this social conent into relevant folders to take action. For example, a ‘Publish Live Folder’ will broadcast the content live to the big event screen(s) as a fully animated and branded Twitter Wall. With the use of folders, negative content can be effectively organised in order to solve problems internally, whilst positive sentiment can (if you choose!) be broadcasted live for everyone to see.

EventBeat also allows the user to respond to any people across these networks in order to thank them for attending, notifying someone of an offer at the bar or even inform them that they’ve won a ‘Top Comment’ competition! This part is of course down to your event imagination. Once your event is over, or even if your Twitter Wall is apermanent fixture you can always keep in check of the most popular elements of your event, or which parts need improving. This way, you can continue to engage with your online fans and constantly improve at the same time.