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Sharing experiences on the big stage through social

Finding and sharing the experiences of people at events as they happen can be pretty difficult if you don’t have the right tool…

At the recent National Lottery Anniversary Run at the Olympic Stadium EventBeat provided the perfect platform for engagement. We were tasked with providing, managing and curating the live Twitter Wall at the event, in which approximately 15,000 runners took part. One of the main ideas behind this was to give participants a way to share their experiences of being an athlete for the day in one of the world’s top stadiums. We transformed the (100 sq m!) in-stadium digital screen into social signage by finding, managing and then publishing participants’ live experiences for everyone to see. There was an overwhelming response and active use of the hashtags #tnlar and #backtothestadium; far too many to publish them all live!

In between live televised segments on-screen, the EventBeat Twitter Wall would be broadcasting all the best comments, mentions and also some incredibly inspiring photographs from participants and audience members alike. At times it was obvious that people simply couldn’t wait to see if their tweet would be displayed next! We let social media users know if their comment or picture was to be broadcasted up by simply replying to them from the National Lottery Anniversary Run account through the EventBeat system. This raised excitement massively and drew attention to the big screen straight away from the crowd, who were numbered at around 30,000.