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Social Injection – The Perfect Filler

Fill in those inevitable gaps at live performances, conferences or awards ceremonies with the most interesting or hilarious social media content.

We’ve all been there. Whether in between acts at a gig, speakers at a conference or awards ceremony the tempo of the event can sometimes take a downturn. When audience members either end up  standing around waiting for the next act, or make their way towards the bar it can be the perfect opportunity to ‘inject’ these points of time with additional, and often surprising social buzz. Asking questions to the audience, hosting micro-competitions, or even simply displaying people’s humorous Vines, videos and Twitpics onto the Twitter Walls ensures that eyes are always on the screens. These ‘in-between activities’ also ensure that you can achieve the interaction levels you aim for whilst at the same time making the most of ‘dead time’!

With a live broadcasted event it’s a slightly different ball game, but only with the way the social media feed looks! On a live TV broadcast, it may well be necessary to have Twitter Wall social content in harmony with the TV content simultaneously. All we have to do here is build your feed in a ‘ticker’ style, possibly running along the bottom of the live screen. This way, both the TV footage and social media content can complement each other perfectly.