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Tweet back your fans!

Social media is becoming more and more of a bigger part in the festival and concert scene. As fans and supporters of acts get increasingly active on digital, this trend has naturally spilled into the live music arena. Fans are always looking for new ways to connect with their favourite acts, and artists are now able to fulfil this as never before through social media. Before for example Twitter, there was usually a level of ‘distance’ between fans and acts and this is still of course the case. The only difference now is that musicians and artists can be communicated to directly and, sometimes with a response! It’s this personal interaction that is driving the move into the digital space on the part of the performer.

Publishing content that is thoughtful and anticipatory before a gig is another way of breeding the emotional connection towards artists that organisers wish to achieve. Artists and the brand identities they represent constantly need to find ways of creating emotional connections with fans, and social is a vibrant place in which to do that. For both artists and organisers it’s about squeezing the very most out of an event or concert. Offering prizes or backstage passes to fans who post the best content online is an example of a simple and effective way of increasing engagement levels quickly. You could even use the EventBeat listening capability to create a set-list for a gig based on how popular songs are on Twitter!