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A quick glance at Twitter’s new conversation view

When downloading an update for an application, it can be a little bit disconcerting sometimes when a new feature appears. It happens quite often when change comes in a social network, remember some peoples reactions when Twitter originally rolled out Re-tweet?! Naturally, plenty of people dislike change. Excess uncertainty and loss of control are often touted as the main reasons why, but what has Twitter changed this week and what are the reasons behind it?

Yesterday (28/8/13 or 8/28/13 for our American fans) Twitter announced changes to the iPhone, Android and the desktop version of the micro-blogging site in order to make it easier for users to connect with extended conversations on the network. In practical terms, when either two or more people that you follow and are tweeting each other, your timeline creates a blue line that connects the two profiles. These ‘grouped’ tweets are appear chronologically, and if the conversation is greater than three tweets between the users then you have the option to expand the rest of the conversation in your timeline.

I looks like Twitter are in a sense ‘borrowing’ from Facebook here, as Facebook have ‘borrowed’ hashtags from Twitter more recently. The overall idea being that it will help users trying to keep up with and join in conversations in their network more efficiently. I for one have found it difficult keeping up with conversations between multiple users on Twitter in the past, especially when there have been, say more than four people involved! Is this the stalkers dream? Or does this update simply make something easier that was still possible in the past? Tweet us with your thoughts!