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Google Glass and the First Person Future

A quick look at Google Glass and the possible impact on the events industry

A future in which large sections of the population do not simply just use some kind of personal computing device on the move, but actually wear one is, apparently not that far away at all. Earlier in 2013, developers and ‘Explorers’ (approximately 8,000 people that ‘signed up’ to enter a lottery to pay $1,500 for an initial version of Glass) had the first opportunity to access this futuristic technology. In a nutshell, Google Glass is a pair of glasses with a built in camera, touch pad, display, microphone and battery allowing users to video record, take pictures and search right in front of their eyes. As well as this, the device has a voice command capability, enabling users to instruct the device ‘hands free’.

Despite much stated privacy concerns, we reckon technology such as Glass will have a huge impact upon the live events industry within the relatively near future, especially when the product reduces in price and becomes accessible to the masses. For arguably the first time, there will be huge online libraries of truly ‘first-person’ experiences recorded digitally. This ‘ultimate’ user point of view perspective will give event organisers and hosts the most accurate insights into how people perceive their events. With both the data and content mountains that these devices will inevitably create, who knows what will the events landscape will look like even in five year’s time. We might even have to build a Twitter Wall app for a device such as Google Glass!