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Topsy turns Twitter world upside down with ‘History Book’

Have you ever tried to look for a tweet that you remembered from way back? It can be a pretty painful experience can’t it? You find yourself gazing out of the window on the train and all of a sudden a memory of a really good tweet immediately springs to mind. In the excitement of the moment you frantically trawl through an account trying to find that golden tweet but alas, it seems lost in the soup of time (you can’t really remember when exactly it was tweeted either, making things that extra bit annoying). One company in particular now seems to have solved this problem.

Last Wednesday (4/9/13), ‘Topsy’ the online analytics company made an announcement  that as part of their service they have opened up a colossal bank of all tweets since the start of Twitter.  If you set up an account on  Topsy,  you’ll have access to this incredible resource, and if you’re a developer Topsy now has an open API creating the potential for some very powerful social media applications.

For events that take place on a regular basis, having access to over 400 billion tweets can allow the organiser map out exactly how their impact has changed online over time. By searching for keywords and hashtags through this new archive, Topsy has allowed a significantly enhanced, ‘longer term’ picture of engagement to be produced by it’s users. This kind of intelligence is exactly what’s required for an effective, measurable long term social media strategy for any regular event.