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Advertising, where you want it to be

Whether we like it or not, we find advertising in almost every aspect of our lives. From the logo spread across your favourite football team’s chest, to the underside of your boarding pass to Cancún. Advertising rules our lives, it pays for the shows we watch, the websites we much love, the sport teams we admire. It’s a part of life now and it’s here to stay.

Google is one company which has been particularly shrewd when it comes to this market. They’ve developed the most precise, most lucrative form of advertising: targeted advertising. You may have noticed, after searching ‘golf clubs’ into Google, you’ll be treated to dozens of mini adverts for golf bags, golfing holidays, golf lessons – anything you can think of in relation to bloody golf. So, why has this way of advertising seen so much success? Well, they’ve targeted what they know about the client, their interests, and what they’ll be looking to spend their hard-earned cash on.

EventBeat gives the event organiser the ability to capitalise on what Google has already shown us; the ability to tailor advertisements to the relevant user group. Social streams are the most up-to-speed way to get your customers interacting and engaging with your business, but our advertising features take it a step further to make sure consumers get an experience that is customised to their wants and needs. One of the most brazen examples of advertising nowadays is a Premier League football match, where you’ll see the pitch wrapped in eye-catching hoardings. Businesses know that there are enough viewers to guarantee that a few will take notice of their fancy banners. However, I spy a flaw – the content, though targeting the market, contains no interaction with the consumer. It’s a one-way system whereby the word Carling is flashed from a screen and into my brain, and that’s it.

EventBeat takes your advertising into the 21st Century, not only catching the eye of the user but actively engaging them via social media and encouraging them to interact with the advertiser. With this pinpointed and personalised form of advertising, you know that investing in Eventbeat space is going to go a whole lot further. It’s a win – win.