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How Social Media Has Changed The Dating Game Forever

With Valentines day just gone, its thats time of year to reflect on our lives and think “Why am I single?”

The way I look at it, it’s either:– Spending too much time online has made me stale, how do you talk to girls face-to-face again? – OR – I’m spending far too much time online. Either way the result is Social Media is changing way we interact with one another. It’s changing our lives dramatically. Before 2006; before twitter, before 2004 even, when Facebook wasn’t on the scene, we didn’t have the freedom or the ability to glance through portholes into our friends’ lives. The way we communicate has become much less personal; with face-to-face contact becoming somewhat of a luxury. How often do you speak to someone on public transport? The answer is probably not as often as you’d like, and on the off chance a conversation was on the cards, they wouldn’t be able to hear you over those noise cancelling headphones…

There’s no escaping the fact it’s far easier to talk online, especially to those of the opposite sex! Without face-to-face contact, she doesn’t have to watch the beads of sweat trickle down your flustered face as you crack under the pressure of the flirt – definitely not ‘sexy’, but thankfully a few carefully selected photos of yourself are. The fact is, most people are scared of putting themselves out there and laying their cards on the table, and if there’s an easy way to avoid the embarrassment of being rejected at a bar, people are going to take it. Social media, in its many forms, has come to make life easier for anxious singletons the world over. Online dating is now a billion dollar industry, and the past year or two has seen a colossal increase in the amount of uptake these sites and apps have had. Of course, lonely hearts have been longing to meet the man or woman of their dreams since way before, and there are those that say the romance is gone the second you enter your email address and choose a quirky-but-cute username. But this is just the way things are going nowadays, and evidently it is becoming more and more socially acceptable to be on these sites. People are coming round to the idea of meeting someone online, in particular the younger generation. A recent poll demonstrates that 59% of the British public consider online dating to be a good way of meeting someone, compared to just 44% in 2005 – and you can expect that figure to keep on rising.

Social Media is definitely revolutionising the way we communicate with one another. But who’s to say this is a bad thing? Isn’t this just the next step for Humankind? Or are we in murky waters, not long before people stop leaving the house, spending their existence in front of a computer trying to seduce teens under the alias ‘Sex_Thunder99’, on one of the countless dating sites available now, doesn’t sound so far-fetched, eh? I’m not in any way trying to demonise this new online community; I am merely noticing a trend.

The ways in which we can now meet new people make life infinitely easier, for the more timid people of our society. In a few years, like anything, technology will change the way we do things once more, we’re just waiting for the NEXT big thing. The fact that humans have completely changed the way we communicate in the past 20 years – email, texting, social networks – the way we move information is like nothing our civilisation has ever seen before. As love is and will always be that one intangible aspect of life we all dream of finding, it is only natural that romance has evolved onto a technological platform.