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What has SnapChat turned us into?

In the time where it’s socially acceptable to send a photo of yourself posing to a person you barely know, what will be the point where we turn around and say to ourselves ‘what was I thinking?’

Snapchat has seen the creation of a certain type of person. One which will continuously keep you posted on how they look, just incase you’ve forget. But try and sneak around what they’re actually doing by adding a mundane phrase; “too early for work” “Sun” YES WE KNOW ITS SUNNY THANK YOU. I’ve got eyes, I have seen your awful snapchats haven’t I?

Now we all know Elvis didn’t become the King by being quaint. He was massively arrogant, his showmanship made him who he was, and the character he made for himself fit perfectly. Every household in the 1st world knew what hair he had. Not because he was blatantly searching for attention, its because he was actually incredibly talented, and deserved the fame. Anyone who’s got the balls to sing about getting pissed off when fans ruin his shoes is a lad, and could definately get away with a selfie now and again.

“But don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.

You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes”

The media used to be a place where we’d be updated on the important news of the world, am I the only one that getting angry about how much press celebrities get though doing jack s**t . The fact that Holly Willoughby made the news for reportedly ‘nearly’ falling into a puddle, she was pictured just spitting distance from one. What kind of reporter who got away with making that news, he should be the silly bugger that’s falling into puddles. This airiness in the media now has preceded to infect society, and has resulted in people thinking we actually care about every detail of their sad little lives.

I’m not targeting people who actually have something funny or interesting to say. Its the ‘no content’ gals which really grind my gears. I see it as a desperate cry for attention thats somehow become socially acceptable.