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Social Media Signage – Social Streams for events

Social signage is the development of digital signage, to allow dialogue between two or more people.

Without this conversation, digital signage is simply the circulation of digital content across a number of media platforms. Eg, Television programs, menus, advertising, etc.

The importance of initiating communication between a brand and their users should not be understated, as it assists in building a more personal and interactive connection.

This, therefore, strengthens and reinforces the positive image of the brand to the individual, or group.


EventBeat utilises these features by inviting people, who were previously only members of an audience, to begin participating and interacting in your social media streams.

The content can be monitored and controlled before it is posted onto the tweet walls, via the EventBeat portal, in order to ensure there are no improper or tasteless comments and images creeping through.

During the events that EventBeat partakes in, such as conferences, trade shows, sporting events, private parties, etc, social signage plays a pivotal role in linking the thoughts and expressions of the consumers with the brand.

This synchronised relationship allows the brand to gain a refreshing insight into the audience’s expectations and recommendations with regards to an event.

Creating an output such as a tweet visualiser, presents the opportunity for a conversation to commence.

The content beamed on to your screens are collections of live social information from a range of social sites.

As EventBeat controls what is presented to their consumers on their live screens, it is useful to adopt specific advertisements that relate to the appropriate audience; which is also a great way of generating an added income from your screens.

Through custom designed advertising, additional revenue is also produced, which can be used to fund further developments.

Social Network streams gain the majority of their revenue from advertisements, known more commonly as Social Media revenue streams.

Another useful feature of social signage is that of real-time announcements, which assists in live coordination of audience members to ensure the maximum amount of attention is gathered to the specific display.



Although there are a number of solid reasons reinforcing the advantages of running a form of social signage at an event, it is imperative that it is managed properly in order to maximise its success.

Basic variables need to be accounted for, an example would be having large enough text to be read easily, and to refrain from including any overlapping content that may confuse and disorientate the viewer.

In order to hold the full attention of the consumer, it is important for the audience’s messages to appear on the social media streams and twitter walls in a relatively short amount of time.

This is to ensure that the consumer fully immerses themselves in the social experience whilst at the event.

EventBeat are in the process of developing a social media stream app that can aid in the moderation, curation and publishing of specific content, such as comments and images.