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"And the winner is..."

"And the winner is..."

EventBeat has once again demonstrated their high skills of innovation by introducing their new live polling feature.

In the modern social era, it is imperative for businesses to ensure they stay one step ahead of their competition.

Live Polling

Attendants at the recent AXA HR event at Drayton Manor were able to offer feedback during speeches made by the three key speakers throughout the day.

Tablets were distributed, preloaded with a link to the polling web feed, which allowed multiple users to view the questions and vote accordingly.

Although the speakers allocated sixty seconds for everyone to cast their decision, the opening and closing of the poll was operated and controlled by EventBeat.

The results were then presented in the original AXA EventBeat web feed, on to the large projector screens.


Live polling and results are an extremely useful feature, as they allow for audience interaction, further enhancing their overall event experience.

Attendants also feel more connected as they are given the opportunity to participate and contribute towards an outcome that includes their own valued opinion.


Another advantage involved in encouraging participants to engage during an event, is that it provides guest speakers with live feedback, which assists them to bring their speech to a conclusion or simply discuss the answers provided by the audience.

EventBeat will be on hand to operate the live polling at the upcoming Venturefest event, at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

The polls will allow the audience to vote for their favourite business, as a number of companies pitch their ideas attempting to win a large cash support package.


The web feed containing the two separate polls was specifically designed for the AXA OneHR 2014 event, illustrating the flexibility EventBeat offers when creating individual outlines.

It is therefore possible to cater for a wide variety of client requirements, in order to produce a more personalised polling system.