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Why do you need a #hashtag at an event?

Why do you need a #hashtag at an event?

The route of most modern social conversations boils down to the use of a specific hashtag.

Twitter followers use them in order to join in, keep track of and comment on a topic, an event or occasion online.

If your organisation either hosts or partakes in any such event, making the best use of a hashtag may prove to have revolutionary effects that are usually beyond the scope of the ‘non-engaged’.

Choosing a #hashtag

When choosing a hashtag for your event, it is crucial to have the exact message in mind to reach the people who will be alive to the conversation.

You don’t want the hashtag to be irrelevant, as it may cause confusion and distract those that are involved.

Hitting the key notes with this selection has the potential to build a real feeling of ‘location’ for the conversations happening around your event.

It can provide assistance when it comes to monitoring the overall success of its features, and the sentiments of everyone involved.

Back to the basics

As with anything relating to social media, there are a few key things to consider before selecting the best possible hashtag in the event context.

Try and use a clearly distinguishable one – it sounds obvious but this is usually how ‘organic’ hashtags emerge on Twitter anyway, they are the most popular with users.

Prior to the occasion, try to promote the hashtag in good time to optimise potential usage, more usage equals easier analysis!


Whilst at the event

During the event itself, hashtags can also be useful in encouraging questions from audience members, such as live speeches and seminars.

They can even be created for specific talks within the main event to allow for ultra-specific monitoring. This can deliver a much clearer signal of success.


This is where EventBeat begins to come into it’s element. Before your event, the software can be used to listen out for keywords, @mentions and #hashtags that are of most interest to you.

These can then be permanently stored and organised so that you are a step ahead even before your audience arrives.

Any queries, comments or recommendations before, during and after the event can then be actioned upon accordingly.

By using appropriate hashtags, your post-event metrics can be much more efficiently arranged so that you can showcase success, and improve upon any negatives people communicate to you.

Using the EventBeat Twitter Wall amplifies your interaction in the Twitter space and encourages people to get involved who are actually at the event.

As they can see the big screens and the hashtags that are clearly displayed, it is easy for them to join in with the conversations almost immediately.