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EventBeat - A Great advert for others to follow

Advertising has rapidly developed into an aspect of our lives that influences decisions we make on a daily basis.

From bus stops and billboards, to television and radio, advertisements are everywhere!


Advertising rules our lives; it pays for the TV shows we watch, the websites we surf through, the sport teams we follow. It’s a huge part of everyday life now and it’s here to stay.

Google is an example of a company who have been particularly shrewd with regards to their target market.

They have developed the most precise and lucrative form of advertising: targeted advertising.

After searching ‘golf clubs’ into Google, for example. you are treated to dozens of mini adverts for golf bags, golfing holidays, golf lessons – anything you can think of that matches your search category.


Why then, has this form of advertising become so successful?

Well, for a start, they have addressed what they know about their client, including their interests and what they’ll be looking to spend their hard-earned cash on.

EventBeat provides the event organiser to capitalise on Google’s capabilities; which is effectively the ability to tailor advertisements to the relevant user group.

Brands see the commercial value of improving their awareness and reputation.


One-way is the wrong way!

An example of accomplished advertising is apparent in a Premier League football match, where the pitch is covered in eye-catching endorsements.

Businesses realise there are enough viewers to be optimistic that some will take notice of their fancy banners.

Although the content targets the relevant audience, it does not contain any personal interaction with the consumer, therefore there is no guarantee anyone will respond to the commercial branding.

It is a one-way system whereby the advertisement simply flashes into the view of a potential target market.


Introducing social streams is the most up-to-date method of encouraging your customers to interact and engage with your business, however EventBeat’s advertising features take it a step further to ensure consumers receive a completely customised experienced.

EventBeat takes advertising into the 21st Century, not only catching the eye of the user but actively engaging them via social media and encouraging them to interact with the advertiser.

Through this personalised social signage, investing in EventBeat ad space goes a whole lot further. It’s a win – win!