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How can you determine if your event was a success?

How can you determine if your event was a success or a flop?

Discover the effects of your social networking activity!

By reporting on tool usage and measuring that alongside the increased interaction through Twitter and Facebook you can justify your ROI (Return of Investment) and identify brand advocates of your event.

Events Analytics

Quantifying success from using social media can be difficult, especially when considering the usual hustle and bustle of a trade show, conference or other similar events.

EventBeat can help find a solution with regards to this particular issue.

Located within the specific social media event folder, it is possible to curate the positive and negative images and comments.

Opportunities for the future can also be identified here, with hope that they would then provide further business.

It is therefore possible to show appreciation and advertise praise towards any visitors or delegates at the event.

There is also the opportunity to help resolve any issues that may have arisen throughout the process.

Post show analytical report

A post show analytical report is a useful tool to determine how successful the event was.

It can help to identify which guests positively supported the event, and could therefore be potential business partners in the future.

The report also provides you with key insights and metrics for your internal teams and clients to decipher.

It is possible to disclose the number of advertisements that were shown through the duration of the event, to effectively inform how much exposure the client has obtained.



Receiving factual feedback, through vital customer insight, can also assist in the planning of prospective events.

Included in the report is a copy of the moderated content, featuring the thoughts and feelings of the guests who used social media to comment on the event.

These previous images and comments can then be used by the client for future marketing activities.