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The Rise and Rise of the #hashtag!

The Rise and Rise of the #hashtag!

As the value of the hashtag has risen considerably in recent years, it now plays an important role in our everyday lives.

The number sign, also referred to as the pound sign, was not originally created to group together topics and interesting subject matters, as it has been used for in the modern era.


Since it’s first use on the social networking website Twitter, the hashtag has gone on to feature in a variety of promotional roles. During the run up to Christmas, there have been examples illustrating the power the hashtag has, not only social networks but also with television adverts and programmes, seasonal clothing items, eg. Christmas jumper slogans, songs etc.

The music track released by The Chainsmokers, #Selfie, was the first song to include a hashtag in it’s title. As the hashtag displays trending and popular content from around the world, the two composers behind the song noticed the opportunity to seize on something that was in demand. Although the song split public opinion over it’s musical credit, the originality of utilising the symbol in the title certainly led to plenty of media attention.

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity!


Now that the build up to Christmas is in full swing, the hashtag has slowly crept into mainstream festivities such as the seasonal jumpers we so proudly flaunt. Surely there can be no greater way of spreading Christmas cheer in the 21st century than sporting Rudoph’s face printed across your front, complete with a pom-pom red nose. Some retailers have gone the extra mile by combining St. Nick’s trusty little worker elves and the hashtag symbol to great effect.



It was initially used as a symbol to declare the designation of a number, eg. number three would be represented as #3.

Following on from this specific use in 1970, the number sign has since evolved into the ‘hashtag’, whilst developing a number of further uses.


When preparing for an upcoming event, we create a completely personalised and customisable hashtag that is both simple to follow and appropriate for the social media stream.

It is therefore much easier to gain attention and present your thoughts and/or ideas onto the Twitter Wall.

Relevant hashtags maintain the flow of the conversation, whilst allowing others to easily find topics to discuss.