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Twitter Walls for Awards Evenings

Twitter Walls for Awards Evenings

Awards evenings are a great way for guests to gain recognition from within their specific industry of expertise, whilst also socialising and networking with others in attendance.

Social Media plays a huge part in creating a friendly atmosphere through Twitter Walls, actively encouraging the delegates to engage with one another throughout the proceedings.

Prior to Awards Night

In the run up to an awards evening, a dedicated hashtag can be constructed in order to increase the awareness of the upcoming event.

The more audience participation that occurs during the awards show, the more likely the hashtag may start to trend on Twitter. Another motivation for guests!

Good luck messages can be tweeted hours, even days, before the awards show is due to start, which can be published onto the screens for the arriving attendants to view.

By preparing in advance, the screens can represent specific themes, personalised and customised of course, to create a welcoming and relevant environment (eg, a winter wonderland themed screen) for the guests as they arrive.

The personal screen display allows for the reinforcement of branding throughout the venue.


Twitter Walls should also be used to encourage guests to use social media platforms to post images, as well as comments, of themselves throughout the duration of the event.

During periods of calm, for example sitting down to have a meal, is a perfect opportunity to grab a quick ‘selfie’ with other people from the same table.

This helps to create a more sociable atmosphere, promoting the use of interaction between the delegates, thus leading to more content being published on the screens.



Personalised messages can also be announced onto the screens at specific intervals, if so required, to highlight particular information to the guests.

Directives such as these are incredibly useful in gaining the attention of the audience.

The guests can ‘let their hair down’ and feel comfortable whilst in attendance, as the Twitter walls provide a structure for them to follow.


Twitter walls tend to be a success at awards shows as they can make the guests feel important, due in part to the ease at which they can post images and comments on the screens.

Following the awards, the twitter walls can be used by everyone as a platform of good will, to offer messages of congratulations towards successful guests.

As the evening’s antics begin to unfold, due to the sociable atmosphere created by the wall, a torrent of ‘funnier’ photos usually begin to flood onto the screens.