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What does the future hold for Social Media?

What does the future hold for Social Media?

There have always been people who believed “social media would die”.

At the beginning of 2008, MySpace was already displaying signs of potential implosion and the ‘doomsday brigade’ came out in their masses to offer their criticism, however in 2014 social media is still going strong. There has been plenty of speculation opposing the credibility of social media and that privacy would eventually succeed, after the initial novelty wore off. It never did. It doesn’t quite look like it will anytime soon either.


Social media is surveillance of the modern era, it gives us the freedom to see into the lives of those we are interested in, whether we like them or not. It allows us to see what our old school friends are currently doing; whilst also observing the activities our family and friends are taking part in. Live news stories are updated through people’s comments and reactions as they unfold, allowing for subjective remarks compared to the objective views of the news outlets.

Why do we use social media?

It is also a platform that provides a certain level of escapism, something we all crave! Users publish a wide variety of content, such as showing everyone the cake we made for our children, or letting everyone know we’re at the big concert whilst their friends are stuck at home.

The Future?

Social media will eventually change, but the concept has grown on and will remain in one form or another throughout the next twenty to thirty years until a major event changes everything. That major event would need to be extremely severe, for example an apocalyptic disaster. Development in technology will still encourage users to be social through the power of the internet. This, as it does today, brings with it positive and negative feedback. The positive aspects are that people are still communicating with each other. However, the communication is not necessarily significant enough to the immediate family and friends that are in a closer proximity.

There have been no clear signs that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook will implode anytime soon, who knows what is yet to come in the future.



Whilst social media is still alive and kicking, EventBeat is aiming to increase social activity and communication through users at events and the general population of internet users. EventBeat are keen to encourage maximum participation and crowd engagement at events, through the use of Twitter walls and social feeds.

This has proven to be a successful means of developing the involvement of an audience.