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Social Media Digital Signage

Social Media Digital Signage

Is your mundane office environment affecting your engagement at work? Does your reception area lack any social activity? Does your retail space need brand engagement? EventBeat has the answer!

Through digital signage, EventBeat can introduce and increase the levels of social interaction within the workplace.

Social Media Digital Signage

Permanent fixtures can be planted at specific locations according to your requirements in order to maximise the social involvement of those at the relevant venue. LED screens predominantly feature at the respective sites of interest, as they can be operated comfortably as well as moved into alternative positions with relative ease.


Having a constant social stream flowing throughout the day at fixed positions has increased in popularity in recent years with the development of technology driving this innovative format of social media. EventBeat’s announcements can be used as a great tool to deliver important messages and to gain the attention of those in attendance. Impending activities, or important dates for your calendar, can be broadcast at intervals that are best suited to seamlessly fit into your schedule. The primary use for the screens is to boost social activity, ensuring all the images and comments are visible whilst on display.


Why not take advantage of having a social media digital signage platform at your venue by selling lucrative advertising space to prospective businesses. Having engaged people taking interest in the images and comments up on the screen guarantees exposure for brands, providing them with invaluable recognition. EventBeat also provides you with full control over you digital signage, to ensure no embarrassing or potentially offensive content finds its way into the public eye.
Why not cherry pick the best comments and images from the digital signage and publish them on your website in the form of an EventBeat Web Scoop?


Social Signage

Social signage is the development of digital signage, to allow dialogue between two or more people. Encouraging maximum engagement by rewarding the most interactive social media users is a great technique to further boost the involvement of everyone at the venue. You can also showcase great examples of past work, as well as directing visitors to key interest points through ads and announcements. At fixed retail screens you can broadcast positive consumer comments around the store, as well gathering useful customer feedback.

Why not promote current campaigns and in store offers to gain more attention?!


Use the EventBeat Twitter Wall software to find the discussions that are of value to your event, venue or business. Identifying both advocates and critics enables you to both showcase the best images and comments and know which areas need improving!​