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EventBeat branches into Global markets

EventBeat has continually illustrated its emergence in the overseas market, operating in all corners of the globe.

As a social engagement platform, EventBeat are aiming to expand overseas and to help companies engage worldwide. EventBeat have included elements of positive social proof on their homepage and sales pages, focussing in areas that allows customers to be more inclined to purchase their product or services.  Due to the flexibility of the software developed here in the United Kingdom, events and products can be managed remotely, such as the Barclays Premier League experience in Mumbai which helped unite over 30,000 spectators. Having the capabilities to effectively operate at a distance has allowed EventBeat to branch out into the United States of America, as well as across Europe and Asia, with relative ease.

SaaS Project

Technicians and representatives have also travelled to a number of overseas destinations, such as Paris and Frankfurt, to manage the digital feeds as opposed to controlling them from a remote position. In July 2014 EventBeat secured the Innovate UK Launchpad grant for innovation. This funding enabled EventBeat to rapidly accelerate development of a prototype SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform which has recently been released and encouraged individuals to plan and manage their own event independently, allowing them to create their own bespoke products that match their brand requirements. The newly developed SaaS platform is seen as a much more profitable and scalable business model, which will be disruptive to existing methods; helping springboard our existing platform into global markets.


Opening ourselves up to the global market is an extremely exciting time for us here at EventBeat, as we look forward to tackling new challenges and facing different cultural prospects that each new country brings to us! 

EventBeat provide an online Social Signage platform that puts customers in control of the social media and digital content that is broadcast to event screens/websites. Our 3 core products; the Screen Cast, the Web Scoop, and the Smart Poll, all offer the capabilities to enhance your event or website!