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Meerkat & Periscope apps introduce live video streaming

Significant developments in technology are allowing the event’s industry to continue evolving without showing signs of slowing down.

Two frontrunners in the mobile app sector who are spearheading the expansion of event interaction are Meerkat and Periscope. They both have the capabilities of live video streaming, aiming to capture interesting footage, and allowing followers from around the world to log in and keep up to date like never before! Gone are the days of waiting for current topics and breaking news stories to be relayed via news stations at their own discretion. Meerkat and Periscope can transform your phone or tablet into the ultimate broadcasting device to publish live footage from anywhere across the globe.

The Meerkat app was created with an open Public API, which allows developers to gain greater control over the live streams and how they can program them. EventBeat are currently exploring the integration of Meerkat's capabilities into our platform, this will enable the user's to schedule live interviews or crowd reactions onto live screens whilst at events, in order to keep attendees up to date with relevant stories and information. Similar to the current announcement feature, used to deliver messages to the crowd, Meerkat’s open API can allow more customised and targeted videos to be created, that help to attract the attention of the audience during proceedings. The crazy thing about this process is that it can all be done through the power of a mobile phone and a web feed. Who thought it could be that simple? Costs are also significantly slashed as there is no need to hire the numerous technicians previously required for a similar operation!


Periscope was acquired by Twitter after the social media network decided to cut off Meerkat’s access to its social graph. As well as the two mobile apps sharing similar platform features, there is also the added functionality of allowing streams to be played back at a later date. However, as Periscope does not have an open Public API it would not be feasible to use the app at an event to broadcast live footage onto screens around the venue. The launch of the app was initially limited to just iOS, however the recent introduction of an Android platform has helped to increase its following. Periscope on Android also offers you the opportunity to resume watching your last viewed stream, in case your broadcast gets interrupted by a phone call, message etc.