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Digital Signage software for Permanent screens

The implementation of a digital signage permanent fixture in an office, educational campus or retail space has significant benefits for the establishments that aim to utilise it.

The three core products of EventBeat can all perform as digital social signage components as the Screen Cast, Smart Poll, and Web Scoop can work well in an office or retail environment. A Web Scoop, for example, cherry-picks the greatest images and comments from across all of the social networks to reinforce all of the positive aspects of your brand or business. Although permanent fixtures can seamlessly slot into similar venues, the way they operate and the effect they have on their target audience differ on various levels.

A retail space differs from an office or educational environment as it must concentrate more on gaining the attention of its client base - as opposed to broadcasting towards their own employees/students. The permanent fixture is a great platform to use in these surroundings as an advertising and promotional tool, announcing any new products or instore promotions that are currently trending. Presenting content like this in real time can encourage customers to purchase advertised material.

An educational environment, such as Said Business School, or office spaces, are more similar in the fact that they can use digital social signage to engage the students or employees around campuses or onsite. Offices can showcase happy customers with strong positive feedback, as well as highlighting all of the hard work conducted behind the scenes in order to boost departmental morale. Illustrating individual and team success can help increase productivity as their social recognition acts as an incentive. Permanent fixtures can be used in the education sector to promote relevant upcoming events around the campus.

Another great addition to the market that can significantly increase the smooth running of an event is through the use of an Android stick. These small devices are able to turn HDTV or HDMI-compatible monitors into a fully functional computer, effectively transforming into a mobile workstation that you can pop into your pocket. Android sticks provide the capability of uploading data from a remote position into the back end of the platform, and witnessing the content of the screens across a specific region, if it was permanent fixtures in a retail space for example, automatically update any changes.  


The content can be strictly moderated by the platform to ensure that there are no embarrassing or offensive images and comments published to the digital signage. Announcements are another feature that can be useful as important messages can be delivered to grab the attention of the audience, whether it be customers from the retail sector or students and employees from offices and campuses. With the increased recent developments in technology, such as mobile and tablet usage, more individuals have become tech-savvy and have an online presence on social media. Expressing thoughts and feelings can be easier for everyone to publish, as well as providing a medium for creativity amongst peers etc.