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President Obama's Q&A session gets great response

The 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, recently unveiled the White House’s new official Twitter account, @POTUS, as it became the first account to gain over 1 million followers within 5 hours. (The previous record holder took just under 24 hours - hats off to you Mr. President!)

Following the launch of this popular account on the social network, Obama decided it would be of some worth to host a Q&A session with his followers, in order to gain a greater insight into the thoughts and feelings of the American public. It was also a great opportunity for individuals to have their voice heard on a global scale, and for the President to ease potential fears or justify the decisions made in Congress. The response gained was extremely positive, as the Washington-based account increased the engagement of users across the United States, and the world, with the contribution of pertinent questions relating to current international affairs occurring as a result.

Not all of the questions directed at the account were politically related though, as the President let his guard down by commenting on the upcoming NBA action. Obama didn’t drop himself in deep water though as the positive comments illustrated the public’s appreciation for the his attempts of discussing relatable topics!  

Smart Poll

One of EventBeat’s core products is the intriguing Smart Poll, which can be utilised in a number of different environments, proving its flexibility to operate at a wide variety of events and functions. A purpose of creating a customised Smart Poll which bears comparison to the White House Twitter account, is that it is a fantastic tool to gain valuable feedback from guests or customers. This information can be used to make changes whilst live at the occasion, or to bear in mind for future development post-event. Guests tend to welcome the option of contributing their own thoughts, especially if their answers are valued by the organisers. It provides the attendees with a sense of importance, as if they have not just been invited to observe, but instead to offer their opinions.  


As an event organiser, there are no constraints with regards to the number of questions or answers available to be programmed into the Smart Poll. Each individual question can be tailored in order to create a personalised Smart Poll for every event. The polls can be fully branded and styled to professional requirements.