Connecting to LinkedIn...


Throwing in our two cents!

Every January we see the web and LinkedIn bombarded by companies posting blogs announcing their fresh ambition and optimism for the year ahead.

Well here at EventBeat we missed all of that! And the truth is, that we've been so focused on excitingly advancing our technology, that except for the collection of global brands that we have picked up and worked with along the way; sadly we forgot that to raise our head above the surface, take a breath of fresh air and tell the world what we have been working on.

January may have now passed, but we still have 11 months of the year ahead to share all the latest industry related news and views. At EventBeat we are passionate about our technology and dedicated to sharing with transparency our innovation and new tech to the world. We don't expect that this new found dedication to our blog will take over the world, but we do hope that it will provide insight and knowledge to our current clients, potential clients and anyone who is interested in digital signage and experiential tech. Over the coming months a selection of our finest team members will be releasing blogs and case studies, so if it's for you, then please keep your eyes peeled!

So what can you expect to see in 2016...

Mike Wilde our Sales Director will keep you updated with the latest in new technologies, social media news and forward thinking experiential campaigns; either by EventBeat or gathered from around the rest of the world.

Matt Ryder our Head of Technology will be sharing his personal thoughts by providing the wider community with insight and practical tips and tricks about particular topics or technical challenges that he has faced and overcome.

And finally myself, Nick Johnson our company Founder. I will be throwing in my two cents on the current state of the digital signage market and my personal foresight into future industry shifts.

We hope that you enjoy our blogs in 2016 as much as we enjoy are going to enjoy sharing them with you! Please get in contact with any of our blog team via Twitter or by asking a question via our enquiry form.