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How to Engage with Students in the Digital Age

Graduation season is upon us yet again, and with it, thousands of students say farewell to their university days and make room for the new fresh-faced undergraduates.

EventBeat has been fortunate to be a part of this special day for several universities, leading the way in graduation and open day screen media. As can be expected, graduating students generate a huge amount of content on social media, from images in graduation gowns on Instagram to congratulatory comments on Twitter. More and more universities are capitalising on this free advocacy, incorporating social media into graduation ceremonies and university events.

EventBeat screen casts present all of the related content generated by graduates, relatives and friends onto live screens in and around the venue. In the case of the University of Portsmouth, these screens were active for the entire duration of graduation week, giving students the opportunity to tweet in and have a deserved moment in the spotlight. The screen cast was also used as a tool to direct visitors and make announcements through the official university account.

Newcastle University has also taken advantage of the EventBeat software at multiple open days and campus based events. The screen cast provides prospective and current students the opportunity to share their opinions of the campus and educational facilities (via a moderator) on social media and have it instantly published onto a live feed presented on numerous screens.  This social proof helps cultivate a sense of community and fun at the university, encouraging prospective students to make it their first choice!

On-campus Communication

The EventBeat platform has been so successful we have now expanded into permanent digital signage in universities with our software package, NowSignage.

The permanent digital screens at Saïd, the University of Oxford business school, stream a mix of advertising, social media and  internal communications for both students and staff. By mixing social media with targeted advertising your audience becomes highly engaged, which in hand makes for more effective advertising. 

Our advanced software not only enables content to be scheduled to multiple screens, but also different content to be displayed on different screens. Clearly, content published to the library would naturally be different to specific content to be communicated in the cafe and main reception.

Through the NowSignage system, we were able to showcase students’ work around the campus by uploading images and then scheduling the frequency and times that they are to be broadcasted to the appropriate screens. The social media tool has also been happily utilised by student led societies, updating students instantly on events happening on and off campus.

Current universities using our platform include the University of Warwick, Oxford (Said Business School), NewCastle, Suffolk, Cardiff, Swansea and Portsmouth.