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#30yearsVodafone – EventBeat headlines Newbury News

EventBeat teamed up with Vodafone to take a trip down memory lane, as they celebrated 30 years since the first mobile phone call was made in the UK.

Visitors were transported back to the 1980s for the three-day weekend event, which took place in London’s Covent Garden on the appropriately named 1984G Street, specifically constructed for the celebrations.


In keeping with the technology available in the 20th century, EventBeat were tasked with creating a social media wall that was designed to appear as a typical newsstand reminiscent of one from the relevant time period.

The social newsstand contained comments from Twitter users who were following the event either online or live at Covent Garden, as well as Instagram images from the anniversary celebrations.

A suitable hashtag was assigned to the event, #30yearsVodafone, in order to gain maximum attention on all of the social media platforms.

80's celebrities

Kicking off the three day spectacle was non other than the former L.A. County Lifeguard star from Baywatch, David Hasselhoff!

The Hoff arrived in his crime fighting partner from the 1980s TV series Knight Rider, his talking car KITT, to officially unveil the event.

There were more famous faces in attendance, including a gig performed by the iconic 80s hip hop group Run DMC who sang alongside the up and coming Raleigh Ritchie. (Known more commonly as the character Grey Worm from TVs Game of Thrones)


The visual display of the specially constructed 1980s Street was open to the public throughout the weekend, allowing visitors to experience a replica of the UK’s very first Vodafone shop in order to highlight how far mobile technology has developed during the last three decades.

There was also an arcade and stores for the digital music service, Spotify, and the TV streaming service, Now TV.

Prizes were awarded to lucky guests for their participation at the previously listed stores, adding to the success of the event as it was well received by all involved!