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Housing Innovation Awards 2015 - EventBeat

The Housing Innovation Awards for 2015 took place at the Grand Connaught Rooms situated near Covent Garden in London.

Celebrating innovative schemes within the housing sector is the primary function for this particular awards ceremony.

2015 was the fourth consecutive year that this event has taken place, with each year being more successful and memorable than the last.


Rob Broderick, the Irish comedian who goes by the pseudonym Abandoman, completed a live performance at the Housing Innovation Awards.

Abandoman has received success in the last few years through his impressive gift for improvisation whilst in the middle of his set.

It is not unusual for the comedian to ask the audience or crowd to hold an item of their belongings in the air, before he creates a rhyme with regards to all of the objects.

Prior to Abandoman taking the stage, the attendants were able to answer a question on Twitter regarding a predetermined topic.

EventBeat had designed bespoke social media feeds which synchronised with the live performance to present the different answers, so Abandoman could improvise upon seeing each comment on the screen.

It was arranged that whenever Rob Broderick was happy for the comment to change to the next available answer on the social media screen, an EventBeat technician who was positioned live at the event, would smoothly transition between the slides.

Social Media Digital Signage

There were 6 large screens arranged throughout the venue showing the EventBeat three custom built feeds.

The general comments feed, the images & comments and the image slide, illustrated how much the guests were enjoying themselves throughout the course of the event.