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Barclays Premier League, Mumbai

The Barclays Premier League travelled to Mumbai, India in December to unite thousands of fans for a weekend of world class football.

The crowd were treated to two great spectacles as Chelsea welcomed Hull, whilst Manchester United entertained their old nemesis, Liverpool!

Digital Signage

Live at the event were two huge screens displaying the EventBeat feed.

Whilst one of the screens showed the two football matches, a pause in proceedings was used as a perfect opportunity to illustrate the top tweets with images and comments presented by an MC to the enthusiastic crowd.

Receiving recognition for their interaction on such a grand scale led to further engagement in the hope that they themselves would also earn a spot on the screen.

The second social media screen was used purely for the bespoke EventBeat feed, displaying top tweets, instagram images and an exclusive battle off, pitting opposing fans against each other with their tweets of encouragement for their own teams.

This competitive battle off feed proved popular, with rival fans wanting to get involved in order to ensure that their favourite team would seem as if it had more public backing.

The matchday clash between the opposing fans helped boost participation whilst at the event, leading to a larger social media presence throughout the weekend.


The event was well received within the sporting industry, as Premier League legends Robbie Fowler, Emile Heskey and Peter Schmeichel were in attendance.

Their support and positive encouragement of the weekend’s action helped to endorse the event leading to it’s success, illustrated by the 30,000 fans who watched Manchester United play host to Liverpool football club live from the fan park in Mumbai.