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CPhI - Power of the Screen

Tens of thousands of people amassed to the largest venue in Paris for the biggest Pharmaceutical expo in the world.


CPhI were able to take advantage of using a number of different screens situated at various locations at the event.

EventBeat produced and moderated all screen content around the show, while still operating a fully-functioning twitter wall, as well as maintaining all media related aspects during the course of the three days.

CPhI aimed to increase their commercial value at the event by utilising the use of LED screens. The Tweet Chat feature, which appeared on the screens, allowed for invaluable insight to be presented by industry experts.

This then led to valued conversations between attendees and the professionals, helping to create an interactive environment.

By feeling engaged, the experts and guests felt that they had managed to connect in ways that they never thought possible.

A more direct means of producing profit, would be to allow the videos to be sold as advertising space for prospective and relevant companies.

The JPG images displayed were also a way to announce and endorse future events.

There is also the option to display ‘Buying Requests’, which is a technique that can assist the communication process between the buyers and suppliers.

LED Screens

The commercial success, as well as achieving greater interaction through social media signage, provided evidence that using screens can be an incredibly useful benefit to a business hosting an event.

The twitter walls allowed guests to present their feelings, or ask thoughtful questions, by using specific handles and hashtags throughout the day.

By getting involved, it helped to enhance the impressive atmosphere by prompting others to engage with their own answers or questions.