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Dynamo launches Bewonder brand

Located at the heart of one of London’s busiest commercial districts, One Mayfair played host to the brand launch of new marketing agency Bewonder.

The beautiful listed building, formerly St. Mark’s Church, was transformed for the occasion, combining the natural aesthetic semblance of the venue with a slight twist of contemporary input, to create an atmosphere the guests won’t easily forget!

Upon entering one of West London’s hidden gems, guests were greeted by it’s opulent grandeur (and a glass of bubbly!) before making their way through the Narthex into the Grand Hall where the true magic of the event began to make itself apparent.

A variety of different activities were placed to help the engagement of those in attendance, which assisted in making the event such a success and a great experience for all involved. The activities were made up of; a Bewonder-themed mini-golf; a ping pong table wide enough for 3 people on each side to play table tennis through the night; an area for guests to create their own Bewonder ‘B’ using unique touch-screen monitors; and a human-size game of jenga (which never failed to give other participants a fright upon it’s inevitable tumble!) to name but a few. 

EventBeat were live at the event to help create a social atmosphere amongst the guests, by posting their images & comments onto the Screen Cast, situated above the live band on stage. 

The constant stream of content proved that everyone was interacting and engaging, in an attempt to see either themselves or their colleagues up on the large screen. Images of the activities and the food, including the extremely popular liquid nitrogen ice cream, were favourite’s of the crowd. However, they still had some catching up to do in order to match the positive furore that was received when the VIP for the evening arrived...

Social media at the event erupted when the man also known as Magician Impossible waltzed into the venue, delighting the guests as they marvelled at his skill and performance with Bewonder (excuse the pun). That’s right, Dynamo decided to pop by and wish everyone involved in the launch of the Bewonder brand good luck for the future, whilst mingling amongst the crowd with his trusty pack of cards. Happy to pose for pictures with the guests, it was great to see an individual with such global status offer his support and encouragement towards the brand!