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Huge Crisis at Rock City

We’ve reached that time of year again; a time where fresh faced undergraduates embark upon a journey of growth and enlightenment, conveniently coinciding with postgraduates wishing they were young and naive again!

Rock City, based in Nottingham, has been described as the ‘Midland’s best live music venue’, catering for a wide range of taste in sound.


For the second year running, EventBeat will be present at Rock City’s ‘Crisis’, the Official Nottingham University Wednesday night.

The Undergrads are treated to the biggest and best tunes from commercial chart, dance, indie, RnB and student anthems through till the early hours.

Due to the success of last year’s event, Rock City have expressed an interest for EventBeat to introduce their service to some of the other nights at the venue.


The 2,500 capacity venue allows the guests to communicate with one another, via Twitter walls, which are projected onto large screens positioned throughout the venue.

Having a social media streaming service in attendance, such as EventBeat, can increase the popularity of the event.

Having the option to sell ad space on the social screens is an ideal way to increase revenue.

Nottingham University Students

The Twitter walls can also be used to promote societies within the University, such as sporting and non-sporting activities.

This promotion is an opportunity to create a bond with the students, in an attempt to capture their continued support in the future.

Another example of EventBeat’s effectiveness, is illustrated through the fun and lighthearted element of student interaction.

Ranging from something as simple as “I love Crisis”, to a cheeky comment such as, “the girl in the red top, can I buy you a drink?”, allows for a more jovial atmosphere between the attendees.

Although the students can express their opinions through the social networking site Twitter, the individual posts are carefully moderated behind the scenes before they are published onto the screens, as to avoid causing any offence or embarrassment.

Allowing communication between the present guests makes for a more comfortable environment, reinforcing the success of using a social media stream.

The students have recently launched their new academic and social year in style, and with EventBeat covering events at Rock City there’s only one place to be.

Experience the legend that is Crisis!