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Internet World 2013

EventBeat worked alongside Bakermedia ( at Internet World 2013 (Europe’s largest annual digital marketing event) with the objective of broadcasting video content through digital signage at different locations around the venue in an ‘as live’ format. The video content itself featured both visitors and exhibitors at the venue and was intended to encourage people to visit particular stands and places of interest at the event. Additional promotion was also available to the exhibitor in the form of greater airtime on the Digital Signage we provided. The methods employed by EventBeat significantly improved audience awareness of event features, drove visitors to key locations and helped communicate useful information throughout the day’s schedule.

Another notable benefit that was obtained via EventBeat, was our ability to monitor and store ‘negative sentiment’ connected to the event. A total of twenty one negative comments were reported back to the event organiser, demonstrating EventBeat’s internal reporting ability in troubleshooting current and improving future events.