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Pharmapack Europe utilises Smart Poll #pharmapackeu

During the Pharmapack Europe event in February 2015, experts from the pharmaceutical industry gathered in Paris to offer their insight.

These types of events encourage the creation and growth of professional networking, within businesses relating to similar fields of expertise.

Pharmapack Europe

Throughout the duration of the two day trade show, EventBeat operated and updated live social media feeds, publishing the best images and comments from social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, onto the screen. A separate feed was also created for the exhibitors at the event, in order to promote the product and advertise their whereabouts within the venue.

In between the social content shown on the screens, a number of JPG advertisements assisted in boosting the participation of the attending delegates, with gentle reminders.

Smart Poll

As well as aiming to increase the interaction of the guests on the general social media platforms, another JPG advertisement illustrated the opportunity for attendants to make a difference with their own opinions in a custom built EventBeat Smart Poll.

The Smart Poll is a great way of gaining valuable customer insight with regards to a tailor made question.

The customer insight illustrated the professional background of the individuals who voted for the Exhibitors best innovation.

Votes were collected from across a broad spectrum, including professionals from the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical & Veterinary industry, as well as those from the field of Press & Media.

Social Signage

During #pharmapackeu, individuals advocating the event had their images & comments broadcast onto the social media screen, which highlighted the positive experience they were having at the function.

EventBeat and Pharmapack Europe responded to the best content by congratulating worthy winners of awards and encouraging other visitors to continue interacting.

The attendants felt more inclined to increase their participation on social media, as they could possibly appear on the screen again.