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Samsung, What do you think?

Samsung have been finding out about the opinions of the people that work for them, as well as what they really want from their job.

The company used our Smart Poll feature to drill down into the needs and wants of the most important people of their business. The questions asked ranged from what company car they would like, to their clothing  preference to wear in store; with the objective to help make better informed decisions about running the business and the effect it has on the Samsung staff.

As your answer could be seen as anonymous, the results which were coming through were much more honest than you would normally get. The staff knew their answers would shape the day and their experiences within the company, so everyone was getting involved!

The client used the EventBeat platform to easily create branded and customisable polls that could then be shared via a url link directly to their audience. This link was widely accessable as people were visiting the poll on their mobiles, tablets and computers. ALAS no more clunky voting systems!!

Once the delegates had voted, they had the option to air the live results to their event screens, or to keep the results to themselves to be used to evaluate the day.

Samsung had staff which felt listened to and a valued part of the team. They were also more engaged throughout the day as they knew what they thought mattered and could improve the rest of their time at the company.