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Screen Cast

Interact and engage with your audience

Why a Screen Cast?

EventBeat's Screen Cast software is a must for any live performance, corporate event or awards ceremony. Encouraging the crowd to share their social content onto the screen increases the interaction and engagement of those in attendance. 

If you require permanent digital signage for your retail or office space, then please visit NowSignage.


​You can sell advertising space within your Screen Cast to prospective advertisers in order to seek a means of revenue from the event. 

Gain valuable feedback from your audience with their relevant images & comments!

All social content is moderated and curated before it is presented onto an event screen or website, ensuring no embarrassing or offensive messages find their way into the public eye.




Although the Screen Cast is incredibly simple to use, it is always nice to have a gentle nudge in the right direction if you are ever heading off track.

We can also manage the event for you, ensuring you are left free to enjoy the occasion you worked so hard to organise!​​


Retail Digital Signage Screens

Brag about your brand to your customers in store, then go a step further and add the best content to your website to make the most out social media for your brand.

Screen Cast for Retail →


Twitter Wall for Awards Nights

Give your delegates a night they'll never forget by publishing moderated social content to your screen. Create competitions and have fun watching everyone get involved with your event.

Screen Cast for Awards →

Trade Shows

Trade Show Screen Broadcast

Expertly convey your brand to potential business by airing content which makes your brand look great! Choose only the best comments and pictures, including everything else you have to brag about.

Screen Cast for Trade Shows →


Campaign Brand Engagement on Screens

Experience the easiest way of growing your campaign by encouraging sharing and starting conversations. Let your delegates view social where they've never seen it before.

Screen Cast for Campaigns →

Live Perfomance

Live Performance Screen Interaction

Mix live broadcasts with social content, advertising and useful animated announcements. Always show the most interesting content to your crowd, be in total control.

Screen Cast for Live Performance →


Television Second Screen Generation

Ask the public questions then publish moderated answers, even with avatar images to gain valuable feedback off your toughest critics.

Screen Cast for Television →


Social Media Signage In Venues

Let your crowd interact with your venue. Install permanent fixtures to use social media at all your events. Create content rich loops manage by you, for your visitors and workers pleasure.

Screen Cast for Venues →


Permanent Office Screen Signage

Show useful and interesting content around your office by installing as a permanent fixture. Create content rich loops manage by you for your visitors and workers pleasure.

Screen Cast for Offices →



Show your students you're hip! Let them see the latest news, with targeted advertisements and social mixed in they'll always be in the know with the latest bulletins.

Screen Cast for Campus →