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Twitter Wall for Awards Nights

Give your delegates a night they'll never forget by publishing moderated social content to your screen. Create competitions and have fun watching everyone get involved with your event.

Transform your next Awards ceremony by making your attendees feel like the focal point. Increase the levels of engagement of your guests through the use of a Twitter Wall. 

Images & comments from social media can be published to the screens, promoting healthy competition amongst those in attendance.

Earn money from your screens by selling ad space to sponsors. EventBeats Ad Platform lets you show JPG & Video advertisments througout the night without you having to lift a finger.

Personalised messages can also be announced onto the screens at specific intervals, if so required, to highlight particular information to the guests.
These directives are incredibly useful in gaining the attention of the audience.

Twitter Walls are always a success at awards shows as they can make the guests feel important, due in part to the ease at which they can post images and comments on the screens.

​Following the awards, the Twitter Wall can be used by everyone as a platform of good will, to offer messages of congratulations towards successful guests.