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Campus Digital Signage Screens

Show your students you're hip! Let them see the latest news, with targeted advertisements and social mixed in they'll always be in the know with the latest bulletins.

Showcase student's work around the campus. Feature blogs and news articles to your screens, as well as mixing in social to tick everyones boxes. 

Schedule the frequency and times that they are to be broadcast Even choose the appropriate screens.

The social media digital signage software not only enables content to be scheduled to multiple screens, but also different content to be displayed on different screens.

Content published to the library would naturally differ from the specific content which is broadcast in the cafe and main reception. With EventBeat this is possible!

With the Screen Cast you can listen to social conversations surrounding an area of interest, allowing you to then broadcast the best tweets and most relevant content live to your audience.

Engagement and involvement are key in creating a unique buzz at any educational event.