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Live Performance Screen Interaction

Mix live broadcasts with social content, advertising and useful animated announcements. Always show the most interesting content to your crowd, be in total control.

Build a carnival-like atmosphere at your live performance with the power of social media and a Screen Cast. Social Walls are a great place to publish supportive messages from those who are at the venue, whilst also allowing conversations to flourish between those who may not be there.

We worked with Puma & The Great Scottish Run by airing motivational comments from family and friends as they were passing the big screens.

With social media digital signage, you can reply to the best tweets and images published onto the screens during the event, building relationships with the online community.

Engage in real-time announcements to deliver messages to those taking part, or those in attendance, to ensure they are kept up to date with the proceedings.

By providing your audience with a voice, it places them firmly at the heart of your event.

Engagement and interaction levels on the Twitter Wall are subsequently boosted, with fresh and interesting content constantly appearing with each new update.