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Permanent Office Screen Signage

Show useful and interesting content around your office by installing as a permanent fixture. Create content rich loops manage by you for your visitors and workers pleasure.

Is your mundane office environment affecting your engagement at work? Through digital signage, a Screen Cast can introduce and increase the levels of social interaction within the workplace. 

Reinvigorate your team with the power of social media. Display useful office information, or simply use it as a showcase for case studies for visitors.

Impending activities, or important dates for your calendar, can be broadcast at intervals that are best suited to seamlessly fit into your schedule.

Screen Casts provides you with full control over your digital signage, to ensure you're always displaying the best content for your viewers.

Why not take advantage of having a social media digital signage platform at your office by selling lucrative advertising space to prospective businesses. 

Having engaged people taking interest in the images and comments up on the screen guarantees exposure for brands, providing them with invaluable recognition.