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Setting up a Screen Cast

a guide to help you on your way

Before you start

All screen cast content is managed from your account. You're in charge from this point so make sure you've considered the following:

  • You must use the Google Chrome browser.

  • Ensure you have a reliable internet connection.


remove the browser

Chrome allows you to completely remove any sight of the browser. This is key to making your cast look professional.

Mac - Click ‘View’ and select ‘Enter Presentation Mode’

PC: - Click ‘F11’ or go to Settings > Full Screen

Zoom the cast to remove the border 

Your cast may still not fit the whole of the screen. Zoom in by pressing the buttons below to ensure there's no black boarder around your cast.

Mac - ‘Command +/-’

PC - ‘Control +/-’


Bingo Bango you're setup and ready to rock! 

If you're having any troubles, give the EventBeat team a call!