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Trade Show Screen Broadcast

Expertly convey your brand to potential business by airing content which makes your brand look great! Choose only the best comments and pictures, including everything else you have to brag about.

Listen to specific social conversations surrounding your Trade Show to help your delegates monitor the location of exhibitors and sponsors, as well as key timings for event speakers.

Create competitons, build buzz, ask questions, publish replies. Do anything you can to put your business in the best light possible. Do it all through EventBeat.

Add another dimension to Q&A sessions with social media digital signage. Use our polling feature to get percentage results or get opinions through social media and turn your event into something special.

Have your delegates opinions on screen to discuss potential business, while showing everyone all the great work you've been doing.

Generate lucrative revenue through the selling of valuable advertising space within the Screen Cast. Jpg and video advertisements can be scheduled to appear on screen throughout the duration of the event.

Create real-time announcements to deliver important messages to your delegates.