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Smart Poll

Encourage audience interaction, enhance their event experience

Why a Smart Poll? 

Increase the engagement of the crowd at an event with the Smart Poll. It can assist in enhancing how the guests participate through internet enabled devices.

Delegates can be directed to a specific microsite, to vote on a poll and offer their thoughts and opinions towards a topic of interest.


Smart Polls are an extremely useful tool and suit almost all of the different types of events we cater for, such as; corporate; live performance; awards & ceremonies; and the education & culture sector.

Results of live polls can be broadcast onto an EventBeat Screen Cast to illustrate certain trends or outline interesting and potentially surprising answers regarding topical questions.

Alternatively, if you wish for the findings to remain anonymous then you can easily collect the results backstage and announce a winner whilst ensuring nobody knows the overall total score and number of votes.

How does it work?

There are no limits on the number of questions and answers available, allowing for fully customisable polls to be designed and created for your requirements.

We can also provide an alternative web link for attendants to visit and vote on the polling system.

iPads have been used, for example, to allow for quick and easy voting to be conducted across the larger events.


Customer Insight Polls for Retail

Question your visitors what they really think of your brand then use this key data by having percentage splits of honest opinions to use to your brand advantage.

Smart Poll for Retail →


Live Voting at Awards Nights

Who do YOU think should win 'best dressed?' VOTE NOW! Direct guests to bespoke microsites to vote then visualise results anywhere you choose.

Smart Poll for Awards →

Trade Shows

Live Trade Show Polling

What do visitors think about your brand? Ask questions which need answering. Achieve higher results with truthful answers.

Smart Poll for Trade Shows →


Campaign Brand Awareness Polls

Quantify your campaign by asking questions to the toughest of all critics, the general public. Use the data to improve processes and make the campaign more successful.

Smart Poll for Campaigns →

Live Perfomance

Live Performance Audience Voting

Exploit high numbers of delegates by getting useful credible information. Add barriers to entry so not everyone can apply.

Smart Poll for Live Performance →


Television Mass Participation Polls

Ask your viewers to answer questions through twitter or through a bespoke microsite where you can track who's answering what and get real, credible data you can rely on.

Smart Poll for Television →


Instant Feedback Polls in Venues

Have the ability to always ask your delegates questions, gain valuable customer insight and use this data to your advantage.

Smart Poll for Venues →


Customer Insight for your Company

Ask staff or existing business questions the way they'd expect to be asked, online. Experience truthful data you can really trust.

Smart Poll for Companies →


University Student Opion Polls

Ask the students questions the way they'd expect to be asked, online. Experience truthful data you can really trust.

Smart Poll for Universities →