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Campaign Brand Awareness Polls

Quantify your campaign by asking questions to the toughest of all critics, the general public. Use the data to improve processes and make the campaign more successful.

A Smart Poll is the perfect tool for gaining feedback relating to your campaign, maximising brand exposure to help gain the attention of the online community.

Have a tough question to ask? Ask them through the smart poll. Display the answers on Screen Casts at campaign events or on your website through the Web Scoops.

Smart Poll encourage extra interaction between your brand and your fans, as well as earning valuable insight regarding your product or specific campaign.

Get opinions or data from your questions by choosing how you'd like the polls answered. Moderate all answers and use the results to your advantage.​

Use this information and key data to shape and adjust your questions in the Smart Poll, so as to gain maximum engagement and also more insightful results.

Learn from the polls to grow you campaign with valuable data. Export the data for the boardroom or cast it to event screens, even put the results on your site!