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Customer Insight Polls for Retail

Question your visitors what they really think of your brand then use this key data by having percentage splits of honest opinions to use to your brand advantage.

The Smart Poll is a great way of gaining valuable customer insight with regards to a tailor made question, in order to truly understand the general impression of your clients towards your brand.

Use our Screen Cast instore and link with the Smart Poll to display questions, answers and opinions in store.

Choose whether you would like the results to be presented in an aesthetically pleasing design, such as a pie or bar chart.

Voting can remain anonymous in order to preserve the feeling's of the voters and nominees.

Explore social conversations to see what people are saying about your brand and use this valuable feedback to make alterations to suit your target audience.

Use this information and key data to shape and adjust your questions in the Smart Poll, so as to gain maximum engagement and also more insightful results.