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Television Mass Participation Polls

Ask your viewers to answer questions through twitter or through a bespoke microsite where you can track who's answering what and get real, credible data you can rely on.

Interact with live television shows in real-time as questions can be shaped in a Smart Poll to ascertain the general feeling of those who are watching.

Direct viewers to responsive microsites where they can answer questions you've created. Polls can also ask the users for certain information which is important to your show.

The average price for a smart poll is dramatically less than other alternatives. By cutting out the expensive hardware it gives us the ability to be much more imaginative.

By directing viewers to a website which can be branded (including the URL) with your branding so it looks like a complete product of your campaign.

Explore social conversations to see what people are saying about your brand and use this valuable feedback to make alterations to suit your target audience.

Use this information and key data to shape and adjust your questions in the Smart Poll, so as to gain maximum engagement and also more insightful results.