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Instant Feedback Polls in Venues

Have the ability to always ask your delegates questions, gain valuable customer insight and use this data to your advantage.

Tired of forking out for expensive polling systems? Use EventBeat's Smart Poll as a permanent fixture to always have the ability to ask your delegates questions.

By cutting out expensive hardware, our polls direct your guests to custom built microsites which they can access on their own device; laptop, tablet or mobile.

As well as making a great saving. The back-end system allows you to export the data to be used to analyse results. 

Use this information and key data to shape and adjust your questions in the Smart Poll, so as to gain maximum engagement and also obtain more insightful results.

At EventBeat we mainly work in 1's and 0's. If you've got a custom request I'm sure we can help. Get in touch and tell us your queries and we'll see what we can do!