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Web Scoop

Cherry-pick the best comments & publish them directly to your website

What is a Web Scoop? 

A Web Scoop is a tool that aggregates all of your social media content into a visually stunning focal point.

Witness the transformation of your website as more and more visitors flood in to keep up-to-date with all of your latest adventures! 

Truly maximise the effects of your marketing activity and provide real-time social testimonials about your live event or campaign.

Significantly improve your site's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with an EventBeat Web Scoop on your homepage.


Advocates of your brand will post positive images & comments that can be published directly to your website.

Why not use an EventBeat Web Scoop as a post-event tool to quantify and highlight your popularity and success to online visitors of your home page?

Each image and comment broadcast in the scoop is designed to interact with its respective platform, ie. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.


The real beauty of an EventBeat Web Scoop is that it can be implemented onto your website on any page that you wish.

Due to its flexible nature, the location of your Web Scoop is totally up to you.

Wherever it ends up, there is no doubt it will certainly enhance not only the aesthetic presence of the page, but also the visitor interaction.

It really is that simple! 



FACT: You're 71% more likely to buy a product if it's been recommended. Show honest opinions and recommendations on your site from customers to increase sales.

Web Scoop for Retail →


Social Proof Awards Night websites 

Publicise the night pre & post event. Build the buzz pre show by airing the best content to encourage sign-up. Show third party endorsements post show to prove credibility. Your awards night really was the best of the year.

Web Scoop for Awards →

Trade Shows

Real-time Trade Show Social Feed

Let external contacts drive sales by making your customers brand advocate. Give potential business a full spectrum of opinion which will increase credibility and drive sales.

Web Scoop for Trade Shows →


Campaign Brand Engagement on Websites

Use online content to increase the scale and effectiveness of your campaign by adding all social content to the campaign website. Embed moderated content where visitors expect to see it.

Web Scoop for Campaigns →

Live Perfomance

Live Performance Website Social Buzz

Embed YouTube videos, Images and Comments about the live performances upon your website to show potential business what they missed out on. Connect on a deeper level by convincing people with trustworthy stories.

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Television Audience Website Participation 

FACT: Nearly 2/3 of people use social networks and forums while watching TV. Don't underestimate how many hits websites will get while focusing on TV. 

Web Scoop for Television →


Content Aggregator for Venue Websites

Build confidence in your venue by showing only the best comments and pictures where people look the most, your website! 

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Social Testimonials on Company Websites 

Lower the cost of customer acquisition. Give third party endorsements by showing social proof to drive sales. Positive Social Proof has been shown to be more influential than saving money.

Web Scoop for Companies →


Content Rich Websites for Universities

Show real students, giving honest opinions about your school. Make the content on your website credible by backing it up with authenticating content. Let prospective students connect with your School on a deeper level, show them reviews they trust.

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