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Social Proof Awards Night Websites

Publicise the night pre & post event. Build the buzz pre show by airing the best content to encourage sign-up. Show third party endorsements post show to prove credibility. Your awards night really was the best of the year.

Use the Web Scoops to promote the success of your event pre & post show by airing the top content on the site. 

Potential attendees are constantly viewing your site, deciding whether to come or not. The Scoops give social proof to show potential attendees how good previous years was, or how excited people are for the upcoming event, from real people they can trust.

Transform your next awards ceremony by making your attendees feel like the focal point. 

​Following the awards ceremony, your Web Scoop can be viewed by everyone as a platform of good will, usually with messages of congratulations towards successful guests and great pictures of the successful evening.

As well as looking great on your website. Our Web Scoops have great SEO benifits. By keeping the content on your site fresh and interesting, you'll see yourself fly up the Google rankings which will in turn increase sales.

Choose from our basic range of designs, or go for a bespoke scoop to fit perfectly with your awards branding.