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Campaign Brand Engagement on Websites

Use online content to increase the scale and effectiveness of your campaign by adding all social content to the campaign website. Embed moderated content where visitors expect to see it.

Launch your campaign in style as your fans raise awareness through social media!

The Web Scoop is the perfect tool for images, comments & videos relating to your campaign, maximising brand exposure to help gain the attention of the online community.

The Web Scoops are fully moderated and curated throughout the campaign to ensure only the best images & comments appear on your website.

Inappropriate or potentially embarrassing social content is collected into a specific folder for future evaluation, but is not displayed on the webpage.

Create competitions, such as a selfie tournament, to further advertise your brand and also to increase the levels of social content flooding on to your website.

These incentives help to encourage extra engagement and interaction between your fans, which can be used post campaign to quantify success.