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Live Performance Website Social Buzz

Embed YouTube videos, Images and Comments about the live performances upon your website to show potential business what they missed out on. Connect on a deeper level by convincing people with trustworthy stories.

Build up the excitement before your live performance with the power of social media and the Web Scoop.

Your website is a great place to publish supportive messages from those who are looking forward to the performance, whilst also informing those who may not be able to attend.

The Web Scoop can be used to motivate non-attendees to make an effort to attend your event.

For those who are unable to be in attendance, they can follow the activities that take place during the day in almost real-time on your webiste.

By providing your audience with a voice, it places them firmly at the heart of your live performance.

Engagement and interaction levels on your website are subsequently boosted, with fresh and interesting content constantly appearing with each new update.